Solo Exhibition

2024 “Inside The Window”, ARTDYNE, Tokyo, Japan

2024 “HOME”, AISHONANZUKA, Central, HK


2023 “A PLACE FOR WANDERING HEARTS”, Gallery Ascend, Hong Kong*

2022 “Portrait of My Thoughts” , GALLERY JOEUN, Seoul, Korea*

2022 “Profession” , ARTDYNE, Tokyo, Japan*

2022 “Where It All Began” , Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo, Japan*

2021 “Dear Nameless City and You were there”, Machida Pario Gallery, Tokyo, Japan*

2020 “POP UP”, LIGHT HOUSE Gallery, Tokyo, Japan*

2020 “Come on”, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China*

2018 “We are all Kawaii”, Space Zero, Beijing 798 Art district, China*

2018 “Kawaii Thinker”, Shun Art Gallery, Shanghai, China*

2017 “DEAR ART”, Gallery WADA, Tokyo, Japan*

2017 “roomD, MITSUME, Tokyo, Japan

2016 “WOMAN IN GREY”, MITSUME, Tokyo, Japan

2016 “Living in the City”, ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

2015 “Capture the moment”, MITSUME, Tokyo, Japan

2014 “The works so far…”, Machida City Hall, Tokyo, Japan

2013 “mind / heart : right / light”, Gallery WADA, Tokyo, Japan

2012 “Drift into Time”, Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “Sorrows of Life”, ROPPONGI HILLS A/D GALLERY, Tokyo, Japan

2011 “MIND in a Gap”, Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo, Japan

2010 “ID”, L MD Gallery, Paris, France

2009 “Vale of Tears”, hpgrp GALLERY TOKYO, Tokyo, Japan

2008 “100=141”, 4th floor gallery, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, England

2007 “MIND SMOOTHER”, MUSEE F, Tokyo, Japan

2004 “UNKNOWN MIND 2”, Galerie OMOTESANDO, Tokyo, Japan

2004 “UNKNOWN MIND”, MUSEE F, Tokyo, Japan

2003 “Daily songs”, Makii Masaru Fine Arts・S, Tokyo, Japan

Group Exhibition / Art Fair